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Roof safety system

What is the "life line"?

The roof life line is a system consisting of at least 2 anchor points, joined by a stainless steel cable in tension. The purpose of the lifeline is to secure the D.P.I. (Personal protective equipment). Thanks to these devices and the lifeline, operators can move and work on the entire surface of the roof in total safety. It is clear that the quality of materials is an essential requirement for security systems to be really effective.

Life line: legislation

Based on the D.L. 81/2008 (Consolidated Law on Safety at Work), the installation of permanent anchoring devices (life line) is mandatory when coverage becomes a "workplace". The roof of a house or an industrial warehouse can become a workplace when remediation, installation or maintenance of photovoltaic / solar / conditioning systems, interventions on antennas and parabolas and in many other cases are carried out. The obligation to make use of D.P.I. (personal protective equipment) is aimed at anyone in any Italian region, if there are not already collective protections (scaffolding, parapets, ...). From region to region the regulations change, so it is good practice to inquire in your region of residence.