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Zetadi is one of the leaders in the field of civil and industrial roofs in terms of quality and reliability.
The company was founded in the 60s in Lonate Pozzolo (VA) in the form of handicraft business with a working area that stretched only to own municipality.
In 1989 the company expanded and moved its headquarters to Ferno (VA) changing its nature and transforming itself in society. During the following years the company starts a process of growth, not only at the structural level but also at the operational, increasing the number of its activities.
Currently Zetadi operates throughout the North of Italy providing the necessary skills and suitable means to face any work related to installing new roofs, rebuilding old asbestos roofing, removing isolated parts of buildings and reclaiming sites contaminated by hazardous substances.

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Via Dell’Artigianato n. 10
21010 Ferno (VA)
P. IVA 02584670125
Cap. Soc. Euro 60.000,00 i. v.
REA di Varese n. 269540


Phone +39 0331 726408
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